Music D/NA

Music D/NA

Music D/NA is a data-driven employee-branding framework that uses behavioral data from Spotify to quantify and visualize listening activity across R/GA's departments, groups, and offices.

Employees may authorize their Spotify accounts through Slack and use the medium to query the company's active directory graph database. Websockets integration enables users to interact with the installation and cycle through its different modes.

A design system was created to translate 4 numerical sonic features into a graphical representation: tempo, valence, danceability, loudness. Out of this this, mosaics are created from users' most listened-to tracks.

Moreover, this framework enables an overview and comparison of features across different groupings of individuals, as shown in the visualization's second functionality.

In-progress design images courtesy of Sofia Oom and Joelle Schweiger.

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DNA Tempo

DNA Sketches

DNA Mood

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